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Advent 02 – Seeking

Perhaps a more ‘pop culture’ title might be… “The Magi, the Madman and the Masses”  Or “The Star, the Scriptures and the Saviour”.  It doesn’t need to be quite that clever though.  The questions are simple:  What are you seeking?  What will you do when find it?

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followingJESUS – Sacrificing Resources

What if the things we possess are not a reflection of our favour with God?  What if they reflect nothing more than the capacity we have to faithfully use what we have been given?  What if you own nothing but the freedom to choose whether to be faithful? What does it mean to follow Jesus […]

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followingJESUS – Sacrificing Time

followingJESUS is not something that can… or should be attempted solo.  Living the life that Christ invites us to demands a covenant community.  A group of people committed to Christ and to each other. If you think you are followingJESUS and you are all alone – you might want to double check the path you’ re […]

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