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Seeds and Soils

Thank-you so much for returning week after week.  Sincere apologies for the missing updates of the past several weeks.  I think we’re back on track with our audio sermons! …but we’re going to need your patience and grace as we head into summer.  We’ll try to get them on as quickly as we can.

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Jesus Amazed

Sincere apologies the last two points were not recorded… i. be honest – it’s OK to doubt and ask questions ii. Grow in your understanding of God iii. root your faith in God – not outcomes/circumstances

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Sowing and Reaping – Luke 6.36-19

Just a quick reminder that these messages are sometimes edited.  I believe that at times God gives a message for those who are present or specifically for the church family gathered face-to-face – those items are often removed for this more public format. If you plan to use the Small Group Companion we would encourage […]

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